Dark Rose Valkyrie

Dark Rose Valkyrie ENG Boxart

Dark Rose Valkyrie Standard Edition game cover (JP)
Standard Edition cover


JP Compile Heart
NA Idea Factory International


JP Compile Heart
NA Idea Factory International


Kōsuke Fujishima


Dark Rose Valkyrie


PlayStation 4

Release date(s)

JP July 21, 2016
NA June 6, 2017
EU June 9, 2017




Single Player


BD-ROM (PlayStation 4)

Dark Rose Valkyrie (クロバラノワルキューレ Kurobara no Warukure?) is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Compile Heart and published by Idea Factory. The character designer is Kōsuke Fujishima, and Takumi Miyajima is in charge of the scenario writing.


In an alternate version of Japan in 1929, humanity is facing a crisis. In 1818, a meteorite fell with the "Black Garnet". The Black Garnet is the source of the notorious "Chimera" virus; both animals and humans can be affected, with research showing that men are more likely to be infected than women. Those infected turn into mindless creatures that are only interested in the destruction of humanity.

The virus caused the death of 3% of the world's population, and the infection of many more. Japan quickly realized the threat of the virus, and quickly isolated itself; this helped lessen the blow the virus would have on the nation.

The player takes control of Asahi Shiramine, who leads the newly formed Valkyrie Force, who are part of the ACID Unit (Anti-Chimera Intercept Division), to stop the spread of the Chimera virus, and destroy any infected by the virus.



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