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File:Ai Yakumo.jpgFile:Ai Yakumo (Personality Division State).jpgFile:Ai Yakumo ENG.png
File:Ai Yakumo Split Personality ENG.pngFile:Amal Franson.pngFile:Amal Franson ENG.png
File:Amal Franson Split Personality.pngFile:Amal Franson Split Personality ENG.pngFile:Asahi Shiramine.jpg
File:Asahi Shiramine ENG.pngFile:Black Rose Valkyrie - Second Trailer (PS4)File:Community-header-background
File:Coo Franson.pngFile:Coo Franson ENG.pngFile:Coo Franson Split Personality.png
File:Coo Franson Split Personality ENG.pngFile:Dark Rose Valkyrie - Announcement Teaser Trailer PS4File:Dark Rose Valkyrie - OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER - PS4
File:Dark Rose Valkyrie ENG Boxart.jpgFile:Dark Rose Valkyrie Iffy-cial Trailer!File:Dark Rose Valkyrie Logo.png
File:Dark Rose Valkyrie Opening Movie (PS4) (NA)File:Dark Rose Valkyrie Standard Edition game cover (JP).jpgFile:Dark Rose Valkyrie US Boxart.jpg
File:Dark Rose Valkyrie promotional artwork 1.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Girls Introduction CG.png
File:Kana Hazuki.pngFile:Kana Hazuki ENG.pngFile:Kengo Shinohara.png
File:Kengo Shinohara ENG.pngFile:Luna Ichinomiya.jpgFile:Luna Ichinomiya (Personality Division State).jpg
File:Luna Ichinomiya ENG.pngFile:Luna Ichinomiya Split Personality ENG.pngFile:Miyako Osatani.png
File:Miyako Osatani ENG.pngFile:Naoyuki Kazami.pngFile:Naoyuki Kazami ENG.png
File:Taiki Shinohara.pngFile:Taiki Shinohara ENG.pngFile:Twitter Ai Icon.png
File:Twitter Ai Icon JP.pngFile:Twitter Amal Icon.pngFile:Twitter Amal Icon JP.png
File:Twitter Coo Icon.pngFile:Twitter Coo Icon JP.pngFile:Twitter Luna Icon.png
File:Twitter Luna Icon JP.pngFile:Twitter Yue Icon.pngFile:Twitter Yue Icon JP.png
File:Yue Hiiragi.pngFile:Yue Hiiragi ENG.pngFile:Yue Hiiragi Split Personality.png
File:Yue Hiiragi Split Personality ENG.png

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